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I’ve interviewed 9 experts on what it takes to leave Codependence behind.

This will help you, even if you don’t identify as codependent, if these sound like you:

⭐️ Spend a lot of mental time solving other’s problems
⭐️ Wonder if you’re not a good person if you don’t step up and help
⭐️ Frequently worry what others think of you, and if you’re doing ‘it’ right
⭐️ Experienced hardships or traumas that you are still reacting to today
⭐️ You experience anxiety, resentment, shame, escapism behaviors or physical pains and other methods haven’t helped with them.

Did you see yourself in these? I honestly hope not, but if you did—you are exactly who this series of interviews is for!

You get:
♥️ Nine 45 min interviews
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